Engineering DNA for next-generation therapeutics and forensics

At Parabon NanoLabs, we are developing a new class of nano-pharmaceuticals and advanced forensic tools by fully leveraging the power of DNA.

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Whether chemically engineering synthetic DNA for creating nano-pharmaceuticals or reverse engineering human DNA for biomarkers of medical or forensic significance, Parabon NanoLabs is developing some of the most compelling products of the DNA Age.

For example, our scientists and customers use the Parabon Essemblix Drug Development Platform to design and produce potent new compounds for the treatment of cancer, infectious disease, and biodefense applications.

We also offer the Parabon Snapshot® DNA Phenotyping Service, which produces a descriptive profile of the source of any human DNA sample, including pigmentation, face morphology, and other forensically relevant traits.

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Latest News

[IMAGE] Police Sketch of Infant; Mother's Snapshot

NEW Calgary Police Use DNA to Sketch Mother of Infant Found in Dumpster

[IMAGE] DNA found under Virginia Freeman's fingernails was retested by Parabon Snapshot DNA [sic] and helped produce a picture of what the killer could look like

NEW DNA Evidence Leads to New Hope in Brazos, TX Murder Investigation

[IMAGE] Taras Caldwell Charged In The Death Of Shaquana Marie Caldwell

NEW Anne Arundel County Police Use DNA Snapshot to Aid Identification of Baltimore Murder Victim, Leading to Arrest and Confession

[IMAGE] Jordan Armstrong reporting for WFAA-TV, ABC 8, Fort Worth, TX

NEW Fort Worth, TX, Police Hoping DNA Technology Will Help Solve 1983 Cold Case Murder

[IMAGE] A diagram showing the range of Snapshot kinship inference compared to traditional forensic DNA kinship methods

NEW Parabon® Announces Major Upgrade to Snapshot® Forensic DNA Service for Distant Kinship Inference
Improved DNA Test Offers Powerful New Avenue for Forensic Investigations

[IMAGE] Investigative Reporter Bob Ward Examines a Snapshot Composite Profile

NEW New England's Unsolved: Putting a Digital Face on Crime

[IMAGE] DNA Tech Company Bringing New Life To Old Cases

NEW Virginia-Based DNA Tech Company May Help Solve Anne Arundel Cold Case

[IMAGE] Dr. Ellen Greytak Presenting Snapshot DNA Phenotype Report

NEW Blood Spatter May Link Killer to Odenton, MD Cold Case

[IMAGE] Baltimore, MD, Police Spokesman T.J. Smith

NEW Boyfriend Charged With Murder In Missing Woman's Case

[IMAGE] The Baltimore Sun Logo

NEW Baltimore, MD Police Charge Man With Murder of Missing 26-Year-Old Girlfriend

[IMAGE] New York Post Logo

NEW These Advances in DNA Research Could Change Crime-Fighting Forever

[IMAGE] Norristown, PA, Police Press Conference

Investigators Use Norristown, PA, Rapist's DNA to Create Sketches

[IMAGE] Miguel Martinez-Valle holding up Snapshot profile picture

Montgomery County, PA, Officials Use DNA Samples to Create Picture of Rape Suspect

[IMAGE] Sketch Released in 2004 Murder

Tulsa, OK, Police Release Composite of Suspect in 2004 Homicide

[IMAGE] Comparison of Hugo Giron-Polanco and Snapshot Prediction

DNA Leads to Arrest in 2010 Rape at Davie, FL, Park

[IMAGE] Monmouth, NJ, Prosecutor's Office Press Conference

Bloody Clothing Near Baby's Body Leads to Composite of Mother's Face

[IMAGE] Aurora, Colorado Logo

Aurora, CO, Police Department Releases DNA Phenotyping Snapshot of Suspect in Oakey Kit's Homicide Case

[IMAGE] South Salt Lake, UT, Police News Conference

South Salt Lake, UT, Police Say DNA Snapshot Could Help Solve 2010 Fatal Stabbing of Sherry Black

[IMAGE] Associated Press Logo

DNA Sketch Leads to Suspect Confession in Texas Slaying

[IMAGE] Dr. Ellen Greytak addressing Va. Beach Police Deptartment

Virginia Beach Police Trying New Technology in Cold Case Homicide

[IMAGE] Good Morning America TV News Report

New DNA Technique Helps Break Case Good Morning America
Alleged Killer Confesses After Seeing Police Sketch

[IMAGE] Forensic Magazine -- Texas Man Confesses to 18-month-old Homicide Days After Release of DNA Phenotype Profile

Texas Man Confesses to 18-month-old Homicide Days After Release of DNA Phenotype Profile

[IMAGE] Brown County, TX, Sheriff Vance Hill: "If it wasn't for the profile, we wouldn't be here today"

Brown County, TX, Sheriff Vance Hill: "Murder Suspect Wasn't On Radar Until Composite Sketch Released"

[IMAGE] DNA Brings New Clues to Cold Case — Old Colorado City

DNA Provides New Lead in 1988 Unsolved Murder

[IMAGE] — ABC News Channel 13

DNA Reopens Cold Case in Colorado Springs

[IMAGE] Screenshot

Lancaster County Investigators Excited By New Cold Case Tips

[IMAGE] Amy Aubert reporting for WJLA-TV, ABC 7 News, Washington DC

Company Uses DNA as Blueprint to Create Lifelike Sketches of Suspects

[IMAGE] Chris Gordon reporting for WRC-TV, NBC 4 News, Washington DC

Maryland Police Use DNA Tech to Try to Find Rape Suspect

[IMAGE] Lindsay Watts reporting for WTTG-TV FOX 5 News, Washington DC

Police Utilize DNA Evidence to Create Suspect Composite Sketch in Gaithersburg, MD Rape Case

[IMAGE] Arlington, TX Snapshot Prediction

How a Face Built From DNA Might Help Solve Teen's 31-Year-Old Murder in Arlington, TX

[IMAGE] Lancaster County, PA District Attorney Craig Stedman unveils Snapshot Composite

DNA Provides Composite of Man Believed to Have Killed Christy Mirack 25 Years Ago

[IMAGE] The Virginian-Pilot Logo

From Old DNA, A New Picture — Possibly of a Killer in a 13-Year-Old Cold Case

[IMAGE] ETHRA — Smoky Mountain Criminal Justice Conference

Parabon NanoLabs Holds Lecture for 22nd Annual Smoky Mountain Criminal Justice Conference
Oct 23 in Gatlinburg, TN

[IMAGE] The "New York Times" Logo

Using DNA to Sketch What Victims Look Like

[IMAGE] Boise City, Idaho, Police Logo

Boise Police Detectives Release DNA-Generated Profile on 30th Anniversary of Cold Case Homicide

[IMAGE] Parabon® Fx&trade Logo

Parabon Fx Next-Gen Forensic Analysis Platform Unveiled at the International Symposium on Human Identification (ISHI)
New Software Environment Provides Seamless Integration and Use of Emerging Forensic Analysis Tools

[IMAGE] Comparison of Gary Schara and Snapshot Prediction

How Does DNA Composite Image Used in Lisa Ziegert Case Compare to Photo of Suspect Gary Schara?

[IMAGE] Hampden County, MA, District Attorney Anthony Gulluni Announcing Arrest of Gary E. Schara

Accused Massachusetts Killer-Rapist ID'd, 25 Years Later, Through DNA and Handwritten Confession

[IMAGE] CBS San Francisco Bay Area Logo

Sketch Released of Person Of Interest in 1990 Tilden Park, CA Murder

[IMAGE] The Wall Street Journal Logo

NYPD Has New Tool to Solve Perplexing Cases
Police have begun using phenotyping in three of their cold cases

[IMAGE] "Major Break In Cold Case" by KVVU TV Reporter Kathleen Jacob

Break In Las Vegas Cold Case Leaves Detectives and Family Hopeful

[IMAGE] WGRZ-TV News Report

In 2004 Cold Case, A Big Break Emerges

[IMAGE] ABC 10 (KXTV, Sacramento, CA) Logo

Sacramento County, CA, Sheriff's Department Using New DNA Technology for Cold Case

[IMAGE] Can DNA Crack a Cold Murder Case?  New Technology Helped Detectives Create a Suspect Sketch

Tempe, AZ Police Hope New Tech Will Help Solve 20-Year-Old Cold Case

[IMAGE] DNA Phenotyping Shows Results - One of the benefits of this technology is a significant reduction of the suspect pool which can save time, money and manpower. - Kathy Marks

Snapshot DNA Phenotyping Service Featured in Police and Security News Magazine

[IMAGE] Sgt. Mike Heard and Detective (Retired) Ron Symes Display Evidence from Edgar 'Iggy' Leonardo Homicide Investigation

Vancouver Police Hope New Technology Will Lead To Arrest in 2003 Murder

[IMAGE] Marissa Lucero reporting for KRQE TV, Albuquerque, NM

New DNA Facial Profile Technology Aids Police in Albuquerque, NM Assault Case

[IMAGE] DNA Technology Advances: Sierra Bouzigard Suspect Sketch

New DNA Technology Advances Help Find Alleged Murderer in 2009 Cold Case

[IMAGE] Calcasieu Parish, LA Sheriff's Office Press Conference

Man Arrested in 2009 Killing of Sierra Bouzigard

[IMAGE] 'People Crime' Logo

New DNA Technology Produces Computer-Generated Image of Suspect, May Help Solve 1980 Cold Case Killing

[IMAGE] Actual Photo of Blake A. Russell compared with Snapshot Composite

Tip From DNA Phenotype 'Snapshot' Leads to Arrest in 2009 Murder Cold Case

[IMAGE] BioData Mining Logo

Parabon Scientists Describe Novel Method for Detecting SNP Interactions BioData Mining


How DNA Forensics Company is Helping Solve Sacramento County Cold Case

[IMAGE] Rosemont, CA Snapshot Composite

Who Killed Robin Brooks? DNA Technology Helps Paint Portrait of Killer

[IMAGE] Fox News Tech Logo

New DNA Technology Creates Digital 'Sketch' of Terrorists' Faces

[IMAGE] New Partnership to Help ID Unidentified Children: Parabon NanoLabs & NCMEC

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to Use Snapshot to Aid Identification of Child Victims
DNA Phenotyping to Provide Valuable New Information for Nonprofit's 'Help ID Me' Program

[IMAGE] WJLA TV 7 News Report

Laboratory Uses Serial Rapist's DNA Left at Crime Scenes to Create Vivid Facial Composite

[IMAGE] Computer Graphic from National Geographic Explorer TV Episode

National Geographic Explorer Investigates Cutting-Edge Crime Solving Tool


Detectives Using Advanced DNA Technology in Infant Death Cold Case

[IMAGE] “[Snapshot] allowed us to narrow our pool of [hundreds of] suspects and ultimately focus in on Jason Martinez. That led us to NY where we were able to attain his DNA, which matched the blood at the crime scene and led to his arrest.” — Detective Sergeant Scott Meyers, Coral Springs FL Police Department

DNA Technique Leads to Break in Coral Springs, FL Homicide Case

[IMAGE] Montgomery County, MD Police Briefing

New DNA Analysis Now Predicts Who Killer Might Be

[IMAGE] Washington Post Logo

Someone — Who May Have Looked Like This — Killed a Md. Store Owner 25 Years Ago

[IMAGE] Armed with Science -- The Official US Defense Department Science Blog

Armed With Science: Technology Uses DNA to Predict a Person's Looks

[IMAGE] Cedar Rapids Police Investigator Matt Denlinger

Cedar Rapids, IA Police Unveil Images Created Using DNA Technology

[IMAGE] Abbie Alford, CBS News 8 Reporter

DNA Breakthrough: Using DNA Snapshots to Reveal Cold Case Killers

[IMAGE] The Athens News Front Page: Advanced DNA Science Cracks Rape Case

Advanced DNA Science Leads to Arrest of Alleged Serial Rapist

[IMAGE] Brazos County, TX Sheriff Chris Kirk Unveils Snapshot Composite

Brazos County, TX Sheriff's Office Release New Sketch in Cold Case Murder KBTX TV

[IMAGE] International Business Times logo

Massachusetts Police Hail DNA Breakthrough in Vanessa Marcotte Murder Arrest

[IMAGE] Mesa, AZ Snapshot Composite

Composite Image Released for Suspect who Sexually Assaulted a Child

[IMAGE] Mesa, AZ Snapshot Composite

New Technology Could Help Authorities Identify Suspects

[IMAGE] ACCP 32nd AGM and Conference, Oranjsstad, Aruba

Parabon presents at the ACCP 32nd AGM and Conference
May 1–3 in Oranjestad, Aruba

[IMAGE] Snapshot Composites

Clearer Picture Emerges of Grand Prairie, TX Killer

[IMAGE] Roslyn Giles, WTVM TV 9 News

Columbus, GA Police Seek DNA Technology to Identify Suspect

[IMAGE] Snapshot Predictions (Age ~25 and Age ~50)

US Army Offers $10,000 Reward to Solve Murder of Fort Carson Soldier

[IMAGE] Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz points to a [Snapshot] composite sketch

Do You Recognize This Brockton, MA Rapist and Possible Murderer?

[IMAGE] Carlsbad, CA Snapshot Composite

Composite Image Released in 2007 Valentine's Day Murder

[IMAGE] Snapshot of person of interest in abandoned baby case

Phoenix, AZ Investigators Use New DNA Tech

[IMAGE] Costa Mesa Snapshot Comparison

Police Identify Suspect in 1997 Cold-Case Rape and Killing in Costa Mesa, CA

[IMAGE] Snapshot of person of interest in Irving Sicherer killing

DNA Phenotyping Provides 'Snapshot' of Man Sought in 2001 Aventura, FL Killing

[IMAGE] SOLVED: A comparison of the Snapshot Composite Profile and a photo of José Alvarez, Jr. taken at the time of his arrest

Parabon's DNA Phenotyping Had Crucial Role in North Carolina Double-Murder Arrest, Conviction

[IMAGE] Parabon receiving the Tibbetts Award

Parabon NanoLabs Wins Prestigious 2016 Tibbetts Award
DNA Technology Innovator Recognized by Small Business Administration

[IMAGE] Logo

Boston Authorities Seek Person of Interest in Marcotte Murder Case

[IMAGE] Cheryl Fiandaca, Investigative Reporter for CBS Boston

Specialized Technology Could Help Solve Murder of Vanessa Marcotte WBZ TV 4, CBS Boston

New Composite Image of Sweeney's Killer Generates 150 Tips

[IMAGE] Logo
Heidi Ulrichsen reporting for

Could DNA Phenotyping Construct a Likeness of the Gold Coast Rapist?

[IMAGE] The Age Logo
Drawing an offender's face from a drop of blood — by Andrew Purcell

Fayetteville, NC Police Closer to Catching Ramsey Street Rapist

[IMAGE] Snapshot Predictions — The Fayetteville Observer
Monica Vendituoli reporting for the Fayetteville Observer

Cold Case Sexual Assault Unit Introduces New Partnership

[IMAGE] City of Fayetteville, North Carolina Police Logo
City of Fayetteville, North Carolina Police Department Press Release

Parabon, Leader in DNA Phenotyping, Creating Next-Gen Software Platform

[IMAGE] "Parabon, Leader in DNA Phenotyping, Creating Next-Gen Software Platform" — Forensic Magazine
Parabon's Keystone DNA Analysis Platform featured in Forensic Magazine

Parabon Awarded Government Contract to Develop Next-Generation Forensic DNA Analysis Platform

Software to advance Department of Defense forensic capabilities with support for latest DNA technologies

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