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Computer Vision Engineer for Processing and Analyzing Face Data

Computer Vision Engineer for Processing and Analyzing Face Data

Parabon NanoLabs is seeking exceptional computer vision (CV) engineers to join our team in Reston, Virginia to help develop various image processing algorithms to support the prediction of face morphology from evidentiary DNA. The person who joins our team will work on the next generation of the Parabon® Snapshot® DNA Phenotyping System — the leading software application for predicting forensically relevant phenotypes from human DNA samples. Software development will include creation of algorithms to automate tasks such as construction of 3D face models of people that appear in 2D digital images and video streams; transformation of 3D face models into standardized, high-dimensional face meshes with predetermined facial landmarks; and 3D rendering and manipulation of predicted faces. Successful hires will join an interdisciplinary research group of geneticists, statisticians and computer scientists pursuing an ambitious, long-term project aimed at achieving major scientific advances in the field of DNA forensics.


In this position, CV software engineers will combine existing CV libraries with the latest CV algorithms from the literature and develop novel CV algorithms as needed to produce fully automated face processing pipelines that will support production of genotype-phenotype datasets in which face morphology is a key phenotype. CV engineers will also be able to advise or perform mobile application development to support these initiatives. Finally, CV engineers in this position will support inter-organizational efforts to perform face recognition of predicted faces in a variety of digital imagery formats.

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