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XR Software Engineer with Chemistry Experience

Parabon is seeking exceptional software engineers with backgrounds in XR (Extended Reality) and biophysics or biochemistry to join our team to help develop the next generation of Parabon's inSēquio Design Studio — the leading commercial 3D CAD application for designing DNA nanostructures. Successful hires will join an interdisciplinary research group pursuing an ambitious, long-term project aimed at achieving major scientific advances in the field of DNA nanotechnology and its medical applications.

The software engineer who joins our team will work on the next generation of Parabon's inSēquio Design Studio, specifically assisting with the development of a new XR CAD interface,integrating existing molecular modeling and simulation capabilities adding support for managing simulations and viewing simulation results, and improving inSēquio's user experience.

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Remote work from anywhere in the United States is an option. Preference may be given to qualified candidates located in Virginia where Parabon is headquartered.

Required Qualifications

In order to be effective in the position, the candidate must have:

Desired Qualifications, But Not Required

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