Engineering DNA for next-generation therapeutics and forensics

At Parabon NanoLabs, we are developing a new class of nano-pharmaceuticals and advanced forensic tools by fully leveraging the power of DNA.

Whether chemically engineering synthetic DNA to design nano-pharmaceuticals or mining human DNA to identify biomarkers of medical or forensic significance, Parabon is developing some of the most compelling products of the DNA Age.

DNA Therapeutics

Design and produce potent new compounds for the treatment of cancer, infectious disease, and biodefense applications with the Parabon Essemblix Drug Development Platform.

DNA Forensics

Generate leads from forensic DNA by combining genetic genealogy, DNA Phenotyping, and kinship analysis with Snapshot® Advanced DNA Analysis.

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DNA Analytics

Software tools and diagnostic tests for deeply analyzing and understanding next-gen sequencing and SNP data for forensic and medical applications.

Genetic Genealogy

Snapshot Genetic Genealogy combines genetic analysis with traditional historical and genealogical research to search for matches in public databases and identify a DNA sample's related family members.

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Latest News

[IMAGE] Composite facial image created from unidentified skeletal remains whom King County, WA investigators call "Bones 17"

NEW Who is "Bones 17?" Authorities Release New Sketch Hoping to ID Victim of Green River Killer

[IMAGE] Snapshot Phenotype Prediction vs. Actual Photo of Marie Petry Heiser

NEW For 40 Years, Her Identity Was Unknown. Now, a Delaware Homicide Victim Has Been Identified

[IMAGE] Newspaper Headline: "Body of Baby Girl Found in Paper Bag"

NEW DNA Technology Could Help Close Two Unsolved Infant Deaths from 1970

[IMAGE] Steven Armentrout, Parabon's co-founder and CEO, left, and Ellen McRae Greytak, its director of bioinformatics

NEW Northern Virginia Firm That Helps Solve Decades-Old Crimes Has Its Next Target: Cancer

[IMAGE] "The Atlantic" Logo

The Victims Left Behind by Genetic Genealogy

[IMAGE] 50 Cases Solved Through Parabon

DNA Technology Helped Identify Two DC-Area Cold Case Suspects in 2020

[IMAGE] Vincennes, IN Detective Sgt. Stacy Reese releases Snapshot Phenotype Prediction

Vincennes, IN Police Hope New Technology Is Key To Solving 12-Year-Old Sexual Assault Case

[IMAGE] Parabon Snapshot By The Numbers

Parabon Continues Cold Case Crime-solving Spree in 2020
Killer's identification after 21 years closes strong year for Parabon's Snapshot DNA team

[IMAGE] Erin Chapman reporting for KOAA-TV, NBC 5, Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs Police Department Solves 1999 Cold Case Murder of Jennifer Watkins

[IMAGE] Comparison of Snapshot Phenotype Prediction and Actual Driver's License Photograph of Jennifer Watkins's Killer

Colorado Springs Police Detectives Solve 1999 Cold Case @ColoradoSpringsPolice

[IMAGE] Skull [Left] of Wanda Ann Herr [Right]

Clackamas County, OR Skull Identified as Wanda Ann Herr

[IMAGE] Arrest in Sherry Black Murder; Cold Case Went Unsolved For 10 Years

Suspect Identified, Arrested in 2010 Former Cold Case Murder of Sherry Black

[IMAGE] Chesterfield County, VA Police News Conference

Remains Found in Chesterfield County, VA Landfill Identified as 16-Year-Old Christy Lynn Floyd

Parabon Receives First Permit Granted in New York for Advanced DNA Analysis
Investigative genetic genealogy and DNA phenotyping promise to solve more NY crimes

[IMAGE] Alan Edward Dean [Left] Arrested for 1993 Murder of Melissa Lee [Right]

Snohomish County, WA Detectives Make Arrest in 1993 Murder of 15-Year-Old Melissa Lee

[IMAGE] CBS 13 Investigates: Genealogy DNA Breakthrough

Genetic Genealogy Used To Crack Golden State Killer Case Opened Door For More Than 150 Cold Cases

[IMAGE] CeCe Moore Explaining How She Solves Cold Cases Using Genetic Genealogy

Meet CeCe Moore, The Woman Partnering With NoVA's Parabon NanoLabs To Solve Cold Cases

[IMAGE] The Genetic Detective: Series Premiere Tuesday, May 19th, 10/9c

Parabon's Crime-Solving Genetic Genealogist CeCe Moore Stars in New ABC Series, "The Genetic Detective"

[IMAGE] The Snapshot Team: CeCe Moore, Steve Armentrout, and Ellen Greytak

The Reston Company Cracking Cold Cases Is Coming To Your TV Washington Business Journal

[IMAGE] Parabon Snapshot Phenotype Report

DNA-Generated Photo Gives Face to Torso Found in Dunes on Cape Cod, MA Beach

[IMAGE] Break In Decades-Cold Case – DNA Technology Giving A Face To Jane Doe Found In 1986

Woman's Body Found in Chesterfield, VA, Landfill

[IMAGE] Snapshot Phenotype Prediction vs. Actual Photo of Bruce Lindahl

Pamela Maurer Cold Case Cracked By Parabon's Genetic Sleuthing

[IMAGE] New Information in 'Marion Murders' Cold Case

Fairfax Co., VA, Police Release Composite Images of 'Marion Murders' Suspect

[IMAGE] Sgt. Travis Shulenberger, Salisbury, NC, Police Dept.

Man Dead for Years Identified as Suspect in 1984 Murder of 15-Year-Old Reesa Trexler

[IMAGE] Comparison of Actual Photo of Perrean Gray and Parabon Snapshot Prediction

After 18 Years, DNA Identifies Woman Discovered in Burning Dumpster as Perrean Gray

[IMAGE] Sacremento, CA Body Found in 2001 Finally Identified

Body Burned in Dumpster Fire 18 Years Ago Identified Through DNA

[IMAGE] Map of Incidents Linked to the Potomac River Rapist + Arrest Photo of Giles Daniel Warrick

Suspect in "Potomac River Rapist" Cold Cases Arrested

[IMAGE] Officials Seek to Identify Bones

Cold Case Break: DNA Technology Helps Identify "Fly Creek Jane Doe"

[IMAGE] Mason Alexander Hall

DNA Links Montgomery County, PA, Teen to Violent 2017 Rape in Norristown Farm Park

[IMAGE] Parabon Keeps Cracking Cold Cases — And It's Just Warming Up

A Local Company is Helping Catch Cold Case Criminals From Coast To Coast Washington Business Journal

[IMAGE] Jesse Bjerke

Man Pleads Guilty to 2016 Alexandria, VA, Rape Solved Using Forensic Genealogy

[IMAGE] DNA Breakthrough — High Tech Tool Links Rapist to Victim

Detectives Used DNA From Straw to Catch Man Who Raped Lifeguard at Virginia Pool

[IMAGE] Jeffrey A. King, 54, of Coatesville, PA

DNA-Based Investigation Leads to Indictment and Arrest in 1993 Sexual Assault

[IMAGE] Torrance Police Department News Conference

California Cold Case Solved Through DNA, Genealogy

[IMAGE] The Washington Post Logo

Oregon Man Arrested in 1978 Death of Alaska Teenager [$]

[IMAGE] Possible Suspect in 1975 Stabbing Death of Lindy Sue Biechler

DNA Composite Sketches Show Possible Killer in 1975 Slaying of Lindy Sue Biechler

[IMAGE] Graphic depicting two family trees — one for each of the subject's genetic matches

Solving Cold Cases with Genetic Genealogy

[IMAGE] DNA Leads to New Clue in Cold Case

Investigators Can Figure Out What A Rapist's Face Might Look Like, Using DNA

[IMAGE] Defense attorney Rachel Forde puts a hand on William Talbott after the guilty verdict is read (KIRO-TV)

William Talbott II Found Guilty of 1987 Murders of Jay Cook and Tanya Van Cuylenborg

[IMAGE] Roger Kelso, ~1961 (Anne Arundel County Police)

Anne Arundel, MD Police Use Genetic Genealogy to Identify Body Found in 1985 CBS Baltimore

[IMAGE] The Kojo Nnamdi Show Logo

How Local Law Enforcement Uses DNA To Crack Criminal Cases

[IMAGE] Anne Arundel County Police Department News Conference

Anne Arundel County, MD Police Announce Break In 35-Year-Old Cold Case @AACOPD (Facebook)

[IMAGE] Forensic Magazine — On the Scene and In the Lab

Arrest in 43-year-old Murder Case Stuns Wisconsin Town

Parabon Customers Net 55 Solved Cases in First Year of Snapshot Genetic Genealogy Service
New DNA technology helps crack cases that otherwise may have never been solved

[IMAGE] Dr. Ellen Greytak

Dr. Ellen Greytak Featured Among "Future 50" Top Thinkers and Doers

[IMAGE] Snohomish County, WA, Police News Conference

DNA on Cigarette Butt Leads to Arrest in Vancouver, WA Murder

[IMAGE] The New York Times — Sooner or Later Your Cousin's DNA Is Going to Solve a Murder

Family-Tree Hobbyists Are Solving Cold Cases, 1 Cousin's DNA at a Time

[IMAGE] Henry Lee reporting for KTVU-TV, FOX 2 News, Oakland, CA

Cold Case Arrests

[IMAGE] League City, TX, Police News Conference

League City, TX, Authorities Identify Two Victims in Decades-Old 'Killing Fields' Murders

[IMAGE] CBS This Morning Logo

Inspired by Golden State Killer Case, Alabama Police Crack Decades-Old Double Murder

[IMAGE] Before and After Comparison of Snapshot Composite

Fingerprint Leads to Arrest in Multiple Rape Cases

[IMAGE] Arrest

New DNA Technology Leads to Arrest in 1999 Slayings of Ozark, AL Teen Best Friends

[IMAGE] Yellowstone, MT County Cold Case — Zoe Zandora and Samantha Sullivan reporting for KTVQ-TV, Billings, MT

Suspect Identified in a Billings, MT Double Murder Cold Case

Parabon Helps Investigators Solve 1,000 Years of Cold Cases in 9 Months
One solve per week on cases over 20 years cold; four in the past week

[IMAGE] True Crime: CeCe Moore and Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz: How DNA Brings Murders to Justice

[IMAGE] Left: Victim, 11-Year-Old Linda O'Keefe; Right: Accused Murderer, James Alan Neal

DNA Leads to Man's Arrest 46 Years After Murder of 11-Year-Old Linda O'Keefe from Newport Beach, CA

[IMAGE] The Wall Street Journal Logo

The Making of a DNA Detective [$]

[IMAGE] MD Delegate Charles Sydnor

MD Lawmaker Proposes Bill to Ban Police Use of DNA Databases

[IMAGE] Slice of Maryland State Flag

Should Cops Use Family Tree Forensics? Maryland Isn't So Sure

[IMAGE] La Mesa, CA, Police News Conference

DNA Technology Helps Solve La Mesa, CA Murder

[IMAGE] Left: The victim, Scott Martinez; Right: Mug shot of Zachary Bunney, the alleged killer

Genetic Genealogy Leads to Arrest in Sword-Stabbing Cold Case

[IMAGE] Richard Schlesinger Investigates Cutting-Edge Snapshot DNA Phenotyping Technology

48 Hours: Podcast Spotlights Mississippi Double Murder — Can New DNA Technology Solve The Case?

[IMAGE] Your at-home DNA test results could be used to solve cold cases

How Your At-Home DNA Test Results Could Solve Cold Cases

Parabon Snapshot Helps Identify Record Number of DNA Samples
New Year's Eve ID Caps Off Record-Breaking Year of Cold Case Solves

[IMAGE] Raymond Rowe Pleads Guilty to Christy Mirack Murder

Raymond 'DJ Freez' Rowe Confesses to Raping, Murdering Christy Mirack in 1992

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