Engineering software and DNA for next-generation life science and forensics

The combination of bits and bases is fueling revolutionary technological advancements. By integrating the power of computation, chemistry, and genetic investigation, we develop products and services that transform human health and public safety.

Whether chemically engineering synthetic DNA to design nano-pharmaceuticals or mining human DNA to identify biomarkers of medical or forensic significance, Parabon is developing some of the most compelling products of the DNA Age.

DNA Nanotech

Revolutionize your research with Parabon's powerful DNA design software and expert services. Explore Our Solutions.

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DNA Forensics

Generate leads from forensic DNA by combining genetic genealogy, DNA Phenotyping, and kinship analysis with Snapshot® Advanced DNA Analysis.

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DNA Analytics

Software tools and diagnostic tests for deeply analyzing and understanding next-gen sequencing and SNP data for forensic and medical applications.

Genetic Genealogy

Snapshot Genetic Genealogy combines genetic analysis with traditional historical and genealogical research to search for matches in public databases and identify a DNA sample's related family members.

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